NSA Northern California (NSANC) is a chapter of the National Speakers Association, the premier educational and networking organization for experts who speak professionally.

Mission of the National Speakers Association: NSA is the leading source for community, education and entrepreneurial business knowledge needed to be successful in the speaking profession.

The Northern California chapter of NSA is the local expression of this mission. We inspire—through example, education, and community—quality and professionalism in both speaking and business development for those who use the platform in their work.


NSA and NSANC are committed to helping members achieve their highest proficiency as professional speakers. We advance speakers’ skills in four core areas: Eloquence (the art of speaking effectively); Expertise (knowledge and experience in a particular area); Enterprise (skills needed to develop a successful speaking business), and Ethics (principles and standards for conduct as a professional speaker).

NSA/NC offers a variety of educational programs throughout the year, for speakers at all levels of their speaking careers. These include our bimonthly chapter meetings, held on Saturdays at conference venues, as well as gatherings in private homes to learn from experts in a casual setting.

For people exploring the world of professional speaking, and for experienced presenters who want to develop additional skills in building a successful speaking business, we offer our comprehensive nine-month Speakers Academy.


Many people who experience NSA for the first time are astonished at how much our speakers are willing to share—experiences on the platform, ideas, what has worked, what hasn’t worked. In many organizations, people want to hoard and hide their success secrets. In NSA, thanks in large part to founder Cavett Robert’s “build a bigger pie” philosophy, members are eager to help their fellow speakers, whether those speakers are just starting out or are 20-year veterans.

Be part of our community—come to our lively events, find an expert speaker for your program, apply for our Speakers Academy, or learn how to become a member.