Our Chapter History

The National Speakers Association (NSA) was founded in 1973 by Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE, who had a vision for an organization where professional speakers could convene to improve their presentations, exchange ideas and share experiences. Cavett felt that everyone involved in the speaking profession would benefit from growing the number and quality of professional speakers. He referred to it as “making a bigger pie.”

In 1980, NSA’s leaders recognized that members wanted more opportunity to connect than was afforded by the two annual meetings, so they proposed creation of local chapters. Under the leadership of Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, the Northern California Chapter (NSA/NC) was formed, with 92 people attending its first meeting in San Francisco in September 1980.

Today NSANC is one of 35 NSA chapters nationwide. Our members come from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Monterey, Modesto, Tahoe, and everywhere in between.

Just as NSA’s national organization awards recognition to members, so do we as chapter.

NSA/NC Chapter Member of the Year

The Member of the Year award is presented each May to that NSA/NC member who has made the most outstanding contribution to the chapter during the previous year. The recipient is also recognized by NSA at the National Convention.

1983 Ken Braly
1984 Luann Linquist, PhD
1985 Virginia Tooper, EdD
1986 Dana Gribben
1987 Pat Barrentine
1988 Lauren Shrive
1989 Rick Gilbert, PhD
1990 Larry Gottlieb
1991 Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
1992 Bob Treadway, CSP
1993 Allen Klein, CSP
1994 Ilene Dillon, MSW
1995 Gloria Dunn
1996 Jim Prost, MBA
1997 Shirley Nice
1998 Marianna Nunes
1999 Winnie Shows
2000 Rick Seaman
2001 Susannah Price
2002 Nan Andrews Amish, MBA
2003 Huda Baak
2004 Tom Johnson
2005 Cathy Dana
2006 Michael Soon Lee, CSP
2007 Barry Wishner
2008 Ken Braly
2009 Craig Harrison
Scott “Q” Marcus
2010 Joanne Black
2011 Ian Griffin
2012 Karen Walker-Tunoa
2013 Jennifer De St. Georges
2014 Janet Hebert
2015 Craig Harrison
2016 Wendy Hanson
2017 Emma Jane Santa


Patricia Fripp Leadership Award

The Patricia Fripp Leadership Award is NSA/NC’s highest honor. It is given in recognition of extraordinary contribution to the chapter. Named in honor of the chapter’s founding leader, the “Frippy” is awarded for many years of outstanding service. It is not awarded every year.

1985 Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
1987 Ken Braly
1988 Barry Wishner
1990 Janelle Barlow, PhD, CSP
1993 Susan Page
1994 Paula Taylor, MA
1995 Rita Derbas
1998 Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
Ken Braly
2007 Michael Soon Lee, CSP
2010 Craig Harrison


Past Presidents

We honor those who have served this chapter as president.

1980-82 Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
1982-83 Bert Decker, CSP, CPAE
1983-84 Luann Linquist, PhD
1984-85 Ken Braly
1985-86 Jerry Johnson
1986-87 Fred Verhey
1987-88 Judith Briles
1988-89 Janelle Barlow, PhD, CSP
1989-90 Marilyn Manning, PhD, CSP, CMC
1990-91 Jeff Senné
1991-92 Rick Gilbert, PhD
1992-93 Lynn Fraley, RN, DrPH
1993-94 Michelle Murphy
1994-95 Susan Page
1995-96 Padi Selwyn, MA
1996-97 Jim Prost, MBA
1997-98 Bob Treadway, CSP
1998-99 Arlene Kaiser, EdD
1999-00 Roseann Sullivan, MA
2000-01 Gary Purece
2001-02 Jim McCormick
2002-03 Michael Soon Lee, CSP
2003-04 Ric Giardina
2004-05 Craig Harrison
2005-06 Mitchell Friedman
2006-07 Scott “Q” Marcus
2007-08 Bill Wittich
2008-09 Ian Griffin
2009-10 Karen Walker-Tunoa
2010-11 Jeanne Smith
2011-12 Jim Carrillo
2012-13 Dan Moirao Ed.D
2013-14 Matt Upton
2014-15 Gary McKinsey
2015-16 Jim Ware
2016-17 Janet Bailey