NSA Video Day 2011

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This summer, we’re bringing back Video Day. We’ve rented a playhouse in Morgan Hill, and have Studio82 supporting a three camera professional video shoot resulting in a 2-3 minute on stage demo video for our members.

What would normally cost over six hundred dollars for an individual to purchase; we’re bringing to the members for only $75. We’ve scheduled two video days, one on July 9th, and the other on October 1st. Since space is limited, we’ve also worked a special package with Studio82 to provide an in studio green screen and teleprompter supported demo video shoot for only $100. These dates are still being established, but we’re aiming for the November time frame.

These video days are open to members of NSA/NC and Pro Track participants only.  These dates for video day are part of the normal Pro-Track program – students have first priority of dates.  If you are a member and would like to be added to the list, please fill out the form below.  Registration is on a first come first serve basis – so sign up soon!  If registration is full we may consider adding additional dates.

Here are the details:

Studio82 will be conducting a three camera video shoot of each member speaking on stage at the theater, participants will be using either a lav mic, or hand held.  Members will give a 3-5 minute presentation.  Studio82 editing staff will edit this down to a 2-3 minute demo video.  Demo videos will have a standard event lead in, speaker/business identification, and contact message at the end of the video.  In order to ensure flawless presentations, Studio82 will provide a projection based teleprompter system in the audience.  Presenters can provide a scripted speech ahead of time.

Audience participants will leave with a Data CD containing an un-edited AVI file  – presenters own the full rights to their own videos.  This file can be professionally edited by any other company, or can be self edited by the presenter (skills permitting).  Edited videos will be provided within four weeks of filming, and will be promoted on the chapter’s YouTube account unless specifically requested otherwise by the presenter.

Call Jim Carrillo (408) 782-4018,  or Karen Walker-Tunoa (707) 542-8114, for more information.

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  1. Video Day is a wonderful way to get a high-quality video at a low and affordable price. The process is also a great experience to share with fellow speakers!